GGU 008230 is passive house-certified for cold climate regions

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We are introducing GGU 008230, which is ideal for situations where Passive House-certified building components are required. This is the first and only roof window on the market certified in class A for Passive House building constructions in cold climate regions* as shown in the geographical map above. 

This roof window consists of a triple outer-glazing plus an additional inner double-glazing.

The roof window itself has a Uw 0,51 W/(m2K) (EN ISO 12567-2), which is the best on the market. The roof window is powered by the sun. For increased comfort, solar-powered shutters or awning blinds can be added. Our unique touch-screen control pad lets you operate the complete solution in a convenient and intuitive way. 

* requires flush installation with either EDJ 2000 or EDN 2000 flashings.


  • Energy saving – best on the market

  • Increased comfort with use of the pre-defined ventilation programs

  • Don’t worry about the rain – rain sensor

  • Certified VELUX roof window for Passive House constructions

Detalhes do produto

White polyurethane 
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    Experience a more comfortable home and lower energy bills with VELUX ThermoTechnology™. Innovative use of high performance materials in the window construction provides excellent energy efficiency, insulation and an airtight seal. Look for the ThermoTechnology™ seal for your guarantee of excellent energy efficiency.
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    Triple outer-glazing

    Triple outer-glazing

    This window comes with an advanced triple outer-glazing plus an additional inner double-glazing - providing extreme heat insulation. You will therefore experience a warmer home and lower energy bills. The glazing on GGU 008230 is specially designed for Passive House constructions.
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    Solar powered operations

    Solar powered operations

    The roof window comes with Solar-powered remote control that makes opening and closing the window effortless and energy-saving.
    Poor indoor air quality seriously affects our general well-being, but a few daily routines can have a great effect on your indoor comfort. Let the control pad give you a helping hand. Simply use the pre-defined ventilation programs and enjoy automatic airing without having to think about it.
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    Rain Sensor

    Rain Sensor

    All our solar powered roof windows come with a rain sensor. This means that the window automatically closes when it starts to rain – so you never have to worry about the rain damaging your interior. A very useful feature, if you are busy, in another room or not at home.
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    How to clean your window

    How to clean your window

    Easy cleaning with maintenance-free polyurethane surface and inner double-glazing that can be opened.
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    If you want to prolong the longevity of your VELUX roof window or simply give it a touch up, this is the place to look.

    VELUX offers a range of products that will come in handy if you want to replace an air filter, repair a scratch, lubricate hinges, paint your window and give it a new and shiny look.

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    Blinds and Shutters

    Blinds and Shutters

    Complete your VELUX roof window with a VELUX blind. VELUX blinds offer effective sun screening and heat protection to suit every need. Choose among exterior awning blinds or a range of interior blinds - with manual or solar powered operation.


VELUX roof windows are available in various finishes, glazing and operation options. Click on the relevant section opposite for further information
  • Internal  finish
    Delivered in white polyurethane finish 
  • Exterior finish
    All VELUX roof windows come with grey aluminium exterior covers. You may also select copper, titanium zinc or coloured aluminium.
  • Glazing performance
    Vidro triplo

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